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T.S. Elliott warned me of you

"This is the way the world ends - Not with a bang, but a whimper."

There is dignity in this type of surrender. A respectful tribute accompanies such meekness. The transition from stranger to lover and back again is often all too swift, disorienting. All that is becomes all that was and in this moment lies uncertainty of all that ever will be. Dashed are the hopes of the future. Doubted are memories past. I look neither forward or back out of fear that this overwhelming confusion may swallow me whole. Also unwilling to gaze upon the unfamiliar sights of the present, I close my eyes and whimper.

I knew that I loved you when…

I saw you for the first time and it was like a roadmap of my life sprung up before my eyes. All paths led to you and I together.

Every moment with you started to feel like I was spinning around the room with my eyes closed and laughing til I cried.

The lamplight danced across your skin as you reached out my car window, stretching for the moon and singing our favorite song.

You cradled me into your arms on Christmas Eve and I sighed into your embrace and listened to you call us family.

The tears streamed down my face when I heard you say “I love you” to a man that wasn’t me.

You came to my house unannounced, and even though we were on break all I wanted to do was take you back.

We fought at the top of our lungs and I’d storm out the door only to return five minutes later to find you waiting on the porch.

I sent you a letter saying that I couldn’t wait for you anymore, demanding that you make a decision and praying to God that you’d choose me.

I knew that I always would. 


I have a laugh that rings only for you. It fills up my belly and throws my head back, making all other laughter seem hollow.

I have a smile that shines only for you. It makes my cheeks ache and warms up toes, making all other smiles seem dim.

I have a heart that beats only for you. It skips when you hold me and breaks when you’re gone, making all other hearts seem weak. 

I have a dream that lives only for Us. I dream that I am the bass in your laugh and the light in your smile and the thump in your heart. 

Only for you because you are the only one for me. 

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